Apps we should have on our phones

Phone aside, contact and gallery there are some apps I will always have on my phone.

Of course excluding apps like Instagram and WhatsApp and palmplay that Tecno will not allow me delete, these other apps are essential.

1. Games: Boredom and anxiety will force you to have this one, even if it’s helix jumper. My finger will move and it is not to chat.

2. Bank app: Because I want to send money and I don’t want any trader to be telling me the money Dinnor enter.

Where is it please, because it is not here o.

3. Period tracker: I would say for ladies but it may not essentially be for just them, if you,

Get my drift.

4. Pinterest: Style and inspiration can be hard to come by but with apps like Pinterest, you have these things at the tap of your finger.

5. Add yours to the list…


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Kofoworola Odozi

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