How to get to the sun from Minna (Skincare)

Disclaimer: If anyone asks you to enter a space ship they are likely kidnappers.

It is that time of the year again, where vitamin C now exists in OPG (o por gan) packs, selling 2 for the price of nothing.
This may be a good time to get that sunscreen you think is a skincare scam, unless your ancestral lineage is burnt dodo and it is your deepest desire to reflect their looks.

While recommending sunscreen may be from a place of privilege, you can also protect yourself from this harsh weather with simple things like, shades, face caps, visors and bucket hats. Coincidently, these clothing pieces are now fashionable items so while you drip, you can drip.

To the order of the day, leaving this country for the people who will fix it still an essentiality and you may not have found that scholarship you want or gotten that opportunity you’re waiting for. You can easily take a trip to the sun from Minna, it is a very brief journey as the sun has decided to come and dwell among us.

A local bike man can help you with this task.
Once again, from the depth of my heart, you are welcome.
Giving you nuggets is something I enjoy.

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