Omu Resort: Recreation just got better

Hey guys, happy new month to you all and welcome once again to your beautiful read, Touristy!

So today there’s a rather fresh gist for everyone. There’s a particular tourist attraction in the country that everyone appears to be raving about at the moment. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you_ the amazing Omu resorts.

Omu resort

Omu resorts is a recreational centre in Lagos, blessed with a zoo, amusement park, water park, swimming pool, a mini golf course and lots more. The sweetest part of this tourist attraction is that visitors or tourists alike have the luxury of riding a bull, a horse, Kayaking and playing archery. Now, if this isn’t the definition of amazing, I wonder what is.

As much as it’s a very new resort, this beautiful site has easily wormed it’s way into the hearts of people within the country, and just so because I felt you might be sleeping on it, I decided to bring it to your phone screen.

What to wear?

Well, the facility is a recreation centre, which means you could park as many clothes as you want depending on what your ‘quest’ looks like. There’s swimming, paintballing, horseriding and more fun things that would require some change of wears, so when visiting, pack some amount of clothes. You will need the lot.

What’s the idea?

It’s apparent the curators had fun in mind while establishing this astonishing site. From the foregoing, the spot is a recreational one and most activities at the site involves fun, relaxation, games and leisure. This simply means the whole idea is gravitated towards rest and relaxation while having fun in between. Omu resort is such a stunner!

What’s the location?

Omu resort is located somewhere in Lagos State, Nigeria. The easiest address is Asiwaju Ibeju Lekki, Lagos state.  Locating the facility is somewhat a no brainer.

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