The usual Sunday tablet

Sundays usually fill in as one of the calmest and most peaceful days for everyone. Well, asides the pressing need to prep yourself well enough for a new work week, otherwise it’s a day that easily suits all and sundry.

Another satirically sweet thing about Sunday is the fact that you get to listen to some of the latest gospel songs around the world. It’s funny how everyone suddenly switch to the saints’ lane on a sunday, I mean, it’s crazy how the hip hops, reggae and other genres of music gets banished, only to be replaced with top gospel songs and biblical quotes_ simply because it’s a sunday.

Omoh ehn, folks are really funny like that. Well, don’t even contest it, cos none is left out of this spiri koko zone. Not me, not you, and not even my weyrey neighbours. All of us swiftly play eye service with nature.

We all somehow feel that sense of guilt playing secular song on a sunday, especially for those folks who end up having one or two reasons to skip church.

Whilst the general idea is that listening to those gospel songs should suffice and help them placate God that they missed going to His house, we could all do well to start tending to God matters more, trust me it would definitely do our lives a whole lot of good.

This isn’t an exhortation, but it’s still your regular lifestyle sturv, but a slight nudge for us all to be more intentional about some of these things. After all, it’s Sunday yeah?


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