How to get by the 14

This post is addressed to Singlets, Singleton’s and street warmers.

Today, oppression will be like rain and will fall on you if you don’t have umbrella. Protect yourself from the wiles of this wicked world with these easy steps.

1. Remind yourself that your mummy and daddy love you, and you don’t really need Cynthia. You can even create all those Jim iyke Nollywood scenes where you oppress her. Don’t worry we understand.

2. Off your phone and spend time with the people in your area, you would be shocked to find out Musa knows what time you go to bed and how many underwear you own.

3. Catch up on our posts, we have a whole bank of contents here and if you read one per hour you will not run out.

We don’t eat yam here so no one will be choked by anything.

Happy valentine!


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