6 easy ways to glam your home

One thing this pandemic has thought us is too love and care for our personal space and immediate environment; that is our homes, sometimes adding that luxiourious feel to your environ, adding that unique touch that is truly yours is just what you need.

Also, even without the pandemic, when everything begins to look like a drag, rearrange and buy new decorative pieces.

A few things that could spice up your space are:

1. A wall shelf organizer: Not only are your things now much more sorted out but you stop loosing stuff too.

2. A doormat: Getting one that has a cute message printed on it will also be a great idea.

3. Velvet Pillows: Velvet pillows are plush and cute. They are nice to hold and look at, and they generally lift the mood of a chair.

4. A shower caddy: We generally don’t pay attention to our bathrooms. What we don’t know is that having an aesthically pleasing bathroom is good, especilly for squeamish people, a caddy will make sure everything is in it’s correct place.

5. A mirror: Vanity is bad but self love isn’t and mirrors also double as very aesthetical pieces in my opinion.

6. Frames: Could be paintings or pictures or texts just frame it up.

Making your space feel like an extension of you should not be hard if you do it right.

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