5 easy ways to care for your skin

Skincare will literally break your neck if you aren’t careful, but you know, beauty is pain.

While you still need that water that was extracted from the seven seas of the garden of Eden, I want to share with you some easy skin care routines.

1. Change your pillowcase: Ejor, not only when somebody is coming to visit. Wash your pillowcase and change it from time to time.

Changing it to silk also helps prevent wrinkles.

2. Get good sleep: Body no be firewood, get some sleep for the love of God.

Some people do have natural eyebags and may need to see skincare specialist for that but not you who stays up all night like village winch.

3. Drink enough water: You will just have to pardon my cliché, but drink water.

I know, I know, you have not been drinking kerosene but drinking water is essential for great skin

4. Keep your hands off your face: I know how hard it gets when you are so good looking, You are in awe. This is something I experience on a daily basis but I’ve had to train myself to keep my hands away from my face…sigh!

5. Mind your business: AKA avoid stress, AKA stay on your lane

Stress is a major contributor to how your skin changes, small thinking and acne is popping up here and there so any stress you can avoid, avoid it.

With these few points of mine I hope I’ve convinced but not confused you that skincare although expensive is still accessible.


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