Football needs the noise again

After a torrid 2020 that had the whole world crumbling and literally cowed by the novel Corona virus, the world appears to be braving the storm and to a fair extent, easing back to normalcy once again.

Various Outifts and Institutions have resumed, albeit with restrictions and guidelines enforced all in a bid to flatten the curve. Interestingly, and much to our delight, football also returned to our screens _ However, it’s sad to say that it hasn’t been the same without the fans chanting their support for their teams from the stands.

As if that’s not even enough, several matches have since been postponed, thanks in no small part to players testing positive for the virus.

In England, a host of teams have seen their matches moved to a later time because of the aforementioned reason. More pressingly, I want to believe the absence of the usual atmosphere has affected a lot of players and teams alike _ most especially players who swapped clubs during the summer.

Performances have not been at It’s highest, Stadia remain quiet, with only players echoing each other’s names and instructions been dished out by gaffers. No songs, no cheers, no whistlings, no heckles, no flares, no boos…nothing at all, and it’s getting all so boring.

But do you think the absence of fans might have affected performances of players in anyway, especially for the newbies like Werner, Thomas Partey and the likes, or is it me just overthinking things from my end?

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