How to dress like a boomer (Part 1)

Boomers may be rude and a tad annoying but one thing you can not deny is their sense of fashion, well more accurately, thier ability t have RANGE.

If it is streetwear, Alte, business casual, Goth…they have you covered. On today’s post I’ll be dressing you up as a boomer, Street wear too. P.S: everything here will be relatively affordable.
Lets start from the bottom.

1. You need kicks: Luckily for you Thrift, Read; Okrika, is now literally on Instagram and while many vendors are still misusing the word thrift, Some do use it in good will. By kicks I mean; converse, Hightops, Vans…Jordans if you dare.

Source: Pinterest

2. Pants: Not skinny. Cargo, Mummy jeans, Shorts – NOT THE OZO KIND.

3. Top: Baggy or crop, both work to be honest
Accesory: fanny pack, Waist puch, Bucket hats, Pearls.
Now, the biggest and most important part of dressing like a boomer is color coding, you may chose to go monocchorme or alternate it between your shoes and pants but remember that color is an essential part.


I think that was easy enough, I’ll share some other style Inspo on here, stay tuned and stay Booming!!!

And oh! do not forget to pose like an art sculpture when taking pictures in these clothes.


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