Where are people going?

Abuja, Lagos and the likes are always empty this time of the year and it begs the question, where are these people going too? Does the village really have that much space? Well villages are mostly vast lands so I guess.

Sorry, I forgot I was writing for both the rich and the poor. Does London and America have that much space?

I wouldn’t know, I cannot just grab my visa and one or two clothes and be going when things get hard.

I swear I’m not bitter!

With these people gone, places may start to feel a tad lonely and for some, detoxified. However the case may be there are still things you could do to occupy your time. It may not necessarily take up time and go with you after Christmas to become a ‘hobby’ but just things you could use to while away time.

I would suggest cooking but that would be hypocritical as I am a dedicated eat out person, but I don’t know what your likes may be, so cooking may just be right and infact I think I’ll take this up.

I’ll try to cook one new meal, I promise to give you the deets later.

Taking a walk around the once busy streets Also a nice idea, try not to go at nights, I really don’t know if kidnappers take Christmas breaks.

Call your family members at least. If you have none there are various people who volunteer calling services. Whatever you choose to do, make yourself Happy.


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