Road trips – Nigerian version

Road trip, I say that with skepticism travelling by road in Nigeria is not one of the nicest things you could do with your life because the truth is we have terrible roads and/or road channels.

While you can be spontaneous with it, I remember this time when a passenger in the bus I hiked, tied his painting to the top of the vehicle, then at some point in the journey he just touched the top and painting ti lo (painting has gone), it was very disheartening for the painter but a tad crazy for me because just like that this artwork was gone. It is still advertently filled with a lot of body pain.

Road trips are a wonderful place to let your imaginations run wild, not just because of the road – I wouldn’t say open road because not all roads during travelling in Nigeria are ‘open’, but because of the variety of characters you get to meet inside the vehicle, even at the stops too.

On a certain trip to akure with my family, we were sat beside this lady and she was so elite like the woman in AG’s video (don’t forget) Ayo Mogaji. Then we had to stop cause a lot of people wanted to pee and some eat, we all alighted the bus, only to return later and she had as much palm wine as they had. My Ms. Mogaji look alike was drunk, it’s safe to say the rest of the ride was very hilarious.

Road trips are million times better when you’re traveling with friends and/or family. Simply because you’re not entirely alone and well as the saying goes, misery likes company. Just ensure you are not some third wheel or fifth wheel or whatever odd number you can come up with, just so you don’t use the 3-9 hours you spend on the road to plot your suicide or the murder of everyone in the vehicle.

If you’re a music junkie like me, you can curate new playlists just for the fun of it.
Watch those movies you were stalling
Read the book you’ve been dodging.

I wouldn’t say sleep, because most times sleeping on a road trip leaves you feeling very cranky and upset.

One thing I will Always love doing on road trips is creating back stories for the passengers. I wonder how that elite lady is doing now.


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