Syncing your travel, touristy and wears

People travel from one place to another for more than a hundred reasons, it’s been like that since time immemorial and it won’t change anytime soon.

However, this discourse would dwell more on traveling, touristy and how to ensure you have a seamless trip while wearing the right dresses.
Hopefully the following tips would come in handy;

1. No shorts/nickers for travel:

There’s no specific or laid down rules guiding these submission, however things must be worn in the best suitable ways. This simply implies that there are different wears for specific purposes. Just like you’re not expected to wear a sweat shirt when it’s scorching hot outside. No one needs to tailor you before you know it’s inappropriate.

Between time, it’s not advisable to travel _especially long distance trips in shorts or nickers. You’re exepected to do your trips with wears that will cover and protect a reasonable amount of your body, This could be for various reasons that would leave you to ponder on. So apparently a short won’t quite suit your trip. Don’t wear it.

2. Tuck your sweatpants in your box:

Now we’ve got different kinds of sweatpants, The first being the wooly ones, the type that stays so glued to your body when you don them. The other one comes in a cotton-like form and it allows some decent amount of air compared to the aforementioned. While the latter might be cool for trips, albeit I don’t wear it on my journeys, the former is a NO! NO!!. You’ll agree with me that you need something flexible, permissible and comfy while traveling, especially when you’re not driving yourself or in the comfort of your own car. Trust me, you won’t like the idea of jerking and dragging your balls into appropriate quarters every other minute_ for the male folks though. But like every other thing, it’s a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, then it doesn’t matter. You can wear it if you feel up to it.

3. Leave it simple and less complicated:

This is the best you can offer yourself while on that trip. A smart looking polo shirt, round/vneck top coupled with a pair of jean with a sneakers or slides will do just fine. It’s a trip remember, not some fashion show off. Hence, just clad in something simple that would condone your sweats and dirts.

4. Understand the dictates of your destination:

It could be a hiking spot, a soothing spring somewhere or a pool, a ranch, or some place that dictates a long walk. Wherever it is, learn to understand the dictates of your proposed touristic site. It’s not further maths, so it isn’t difficult.

All that is required of you is to have a rudder, by this I simply mean have a mapped out plan of what the location looks like, what you should pack and not pack. That way, you’ll be sure not to overpack or underpack _ as a result,  you’re simply packing the exact stuff that you’ll be needing for your escapades.

5. Don’t leave your timepiece behind:

This might be a bit of a person stint. While some don’t fancy wristwatches, some others like me can’t step out without it. Yes! I can’t see myself going out with an empty wrist, it’s a part of me already. And just so you know that a smart looking wristwatch compliments your look and makes you appear unordinary. Therefore incorporate a lovely timepiece in your wardrobe and do not forget to wear it while traveling. It has a way of making you complete and asides the fashion blend there is to it, you’ll be able to check often how far you’ve travelled and how long you’ve been on the road. Next time you’re on the move, wear a wristwatch.

6. Hope you didn’t leave back your book, earpiece/airpods:

I’m not sure I’ve ever traveled without my handsfree before. Sometimes a book makes the cut too. These beauties have practically become a core of my traveling accessories. There’s this fun and pleasure that you get when you’re on your earpiece while in transit. Okay, look at this _ you’re sitted at the window side of the vehicle, picking random glances at everything through the window as the automobile races on, or even on a plane with your tab or book well placed in front of your desk. You get to enjoy the euphoria all alone. That feeling is nothing short of celestial.

So when next you’re embarking on that touristy trip, ensure to religiously adhere to all of the above and you’ll almost more than a 90% have a seamless trip. You could add a few more tips if it would help.

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