Skin doesn’t care

This year is coming to a quick end and everyone wants to look good, not just for yourself but to show your enemies that you made it.

One of the major contributors to this “big girl/boy” effect is your skin. This generation of human beings are really big in ‘body positivity’ and so are we, it’s essential you love your skin but sometimes your skin doesn’t love you.

If you’re like me you’ve tried to find ways of loving your skin which most times involves the money you don’t have. So today I’ll share with you cost effective ways care for a skin that doesn’t care for you.

P.S this is not one of those Ponzi get rich quick schemes so these routines will take time.

1. Drink water:

Don’t swear for me…yet. As basic as it may seem drinking water is bound to give you clearer and an easier to manage skin. So try this for a month, drink a glass of water everyday and watch how it works for you

2. Don’t touch your face:

Our hands most times is accompanied by a lot of germs and when we touch our face those germs move there and build a house, start a family just begin to feel at home.

3. Get a different a towel for your face:

A small one preferably_ I cannot overemphasize to necessity of a separate towel for your face. I mean why are you using the same towel you use for your arse on your face? Are you an animal?

4. Wash your face morning and evening:

Wash your face morning and evening. Like number 3, washing your face morning and evening will clear it of unwanted debris.

5. Normalize using sunblock:

This is unavoidable, especially if you reside in Nigeria, get sunscreen.
A word is enough for the wise.

While you may still need things like
1. Cleanser
2. Facial soap
Both of which will cost at least 3k and at most 4k
I think the aforementioned will do just fine.

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