Thought pyramid art centre; Home of contemporary arts

The hanker for sight seeing has overtime taken a whole new shape. It has practically gone beyond traveling to see animals caged within walls, remains of ancient structures somewhere or some cascading waters off a cliff.

These days, people painstakingly leave their comfort zones to have a feel of what good arts looks like, and it soothes the mind to know that some of these artifacts could be perceived from more than one dimension, while also understanding their essence and intrinsic values. Some could be of archaeological or historical interests, just like we see in first class museums around the world and others could well just be a well curated art piece by some artists.

Well, without much doing, today we take a look at one of the best arts galleries in Nigeria.

The Thought Pyramid art centre! It’s is one of Nigeria’s finest art galleries, if not the finest. Heard about it before? I bet you haven’t. You could take a chill pill, with your spine well rested on that sofa as I unravel the gist behind this breathtaking home of beautiful arts and crafts.

Thought pyramid art centre, Abuja

Where to start?

How about we start by letting you into the fact that the Thought pyramid art centre is located in the capital city of Abuja. However, the good news for lasgidi folks is that they also have an edifice that houses as much arts as that of the Abuja gallery in Lagos. The Lagos gallery is somewhere around 96 Norman Williams Street, Off Ribadu Road, South West Ikoyi Lagos.

Credit: @ThoughtpyramidartcentreLagos

While 18 Libreville Street, Wuse II, Abuja, Nigeria is where to visit if you’re in the capital city.

What’s the idea?

Tourism is known to dwell on the premises of traveling for fun, rest and maximum pleasure. But that’s not to say that the place of education, innovation and conservation should be displaced when touring. As a matter of fact, it’s key!

Now, the aforementioned are some of the ideas behind the establishment of the Thought Pyramid art centre, and just as the name implies _ It was well thought out to great effect.

It is understood that the mission of The Thought Pyramid Art Centre is to collect, conserve, and study modern and contemporary art of Africa, and the African Diaspora, while also exhibiting the art of our times from a variety of perspectives and situating them with the context of a global art movement. _ Isn’t that just amazing?

What to expect?

This shouldn’t be a mind bug for those who have been to an art gallery before. However, for the newbies, the expectation(s) should be quite listful, depending on who’s asking though.

In a set up quite akin to a museum, an art gallery showcases art pieces from different artists. Hence, visiting an art gallery should bring a sense of responsibility, Observation, Focus, Open mindedness and attentiveness. Trust me, it’s far much more different from your usual touristic affairs. But it’s calm, beautiful and the Thought pyramid art centre is no exception as well. It’s tranquil, loveable, mindblowing, tidy and equally well put together.

What to wear?

As much as you really don’t need to look drop dead gorgeous while visiting, it also won’t harm to look smashing. It’s not hiking, it’s not a long walk, it’s not even the pool, so it doesn’t require a special kind of outfit. Just something easy, comfortable and most importantly something that would come out well in pictures would suffice.

Credit: Twelfthgrace 

Well yeah, you would feel the urge to take some poses with the art pieces. Especially if you’re someone like me who loves the sight of art works. So, for wears, just go easy on yourself.

How distant is it? 

Now this won’t be as seamless as you hitherto imagined, But it’s not cumbersome too. To visit the Thought Pyramid Art Centre, Abuja you have to first get yourself within the Abuja metropolis, after which the map just below should help you in finding your way and ensuring you don’t stray off the radar.

Further screen punching and dragging downwards would see the map for the Lagos gallery pop up too. I do hope this bit helps. Ciao!



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