Detty December

Deep down, we all blame the “dettyness” of December 2019 for the state of 2020.

So in order to secure the health of 2021 this December will be as clean as possible, at least for people like myself who look to God the author and finisher of our faith to purify this month for us.

Traveling to see extended family this year has been scratched of the list of things that can stain December by the big bloody hand of covid, so to the betterment of many we do not have to see people we pretend to like and lie to them about the surplus of our wealth.

Fear not, despite the sparkly state of December, in Cardi B’s voice, we were born to flex and this can be achieved with as little as #1000 naira, see I told you, purity everywhere.

Downloading movies from netnaija or 9ja rocks will not cost you too much, especially if your service provider has night plans available. In that case your own December will be “hypo washed” sef.

Now we all know, well if you didn’t now you know, that happiness is a state of mind.
So with the money left after buying data to download the latest Blockbusters you can buy popcorn from any local seller and a chilled bottle of coke or if you want a more elite setting, you can buy chicken republic refill which I believe is 500naira everywhere, and vwala! your December is flex full and sparkly.

P.S: If you need movie recommendations, we have quite a few reviews on this site and will be dropping another one tomorrow, you’re welcome.

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