Update that playlist

(For real this time.)
Update your sex playlist.

There is a greater chance that you may eventually use this playlist to wash those stubborn pair of jeans with multiple buttons, while you mourn what John did to you but we will still have this playlist because our God will prevail.

Now this list below is 10 songs/artists you must have in this playlist to really get things into *the right mood* whatever that may be

Credit: @luvickss

(In no particular order)

1. 11:11 by 11: 11the song and even the whole album. This could be the intro for the whole setting you know, they usually call it “foreplay” and the words and voice of this album will inform the two (or three or four or whatever number) both of you of what is about to go down

Even if the second person in question is that faded T-shirt with oil stain

2. Stuck on you by Giveon: This time around we will not pay to much attention to the lyrics,  unless of course it enacts the type of relationship you have with your partner, instead we focus on the vibe giveon brings into the every track. That voice that just makes you want to stretchhhhhh….

If the underwear you are currently washing stretches out to much you should really toss it in the bin that’s probably why you aren’t getting any action

3. WAP by Cardi B feat Megan the stallion
I don’t think I need to explain too much to you what this song is capable of doing. Scenes where Cardi says “look I need a hard hitter” or Meghan’s “big d stand for big demeanor” single people may begin to feel very lonely at this point. I do not apologise

4. Killa by Teyana Taylor Feat Davido
Oh boy, at this point you’re most likely settling into slow and easy thrusts and while heavily invested in the aesthetics of one another you can’t help but Bob your head to the music.

5. True love by Wizkid Feat Tay iwar & Projexx
Any time this song is on, it literally leaves the speaker of where it is coming out from and slips into your waist. Imagine ones waist and hips synchronizing with the beat of this song. The best part about it is it is long (longer than most songs)

Also applicable when picking beans;

6. In my bed Rotimi Feat Wale
If you do not actually have a meeting in your bed, do not play this song alone. If you must, detach yourself from the words Rotimi says.
A word is enough for the wise

This track gives you naked against the shower walls vibes, but here we always put (poor) not so wealthy Nigerians first and many of us cannot afford shower settings, so I suggest we use this song to do some meditation, maybe think of ways of making money.
Now, my people (rich ones) especially from 1:45 minutes I indulge you to indulge yourself and significant other in this masterpiece

8. What you did by mahalia feat Ella Mai
Much like number four you’re both most likely nearing a climax and this pushes you over the edge at the right times.

On days when #fearwomen or #menarescum is trending on Twitter single people can listen to this beautiful track while sipping on cold caprisun. Same effect I promise

9. Confession by omah lay
Omah lay is the artist

10.  I wanna kiss you by DUCKWRTH
Well the chorus says “I wanna kiss you, right here in front of everyone right now” so in this piece of art you loose all your morals and bungee jump into sexual ecstasy.

….or just quietly walk into your room with your ear piece…. whichever is you

So now, you can update your sex/or not playlist, some honorable mentions below

1. Hold up by Beyonce
2. Suncity by Khalid Feat Empress of
3. Monica Lewinsky by saint Jhn
4. Bad boys by rema
5. Lolo by omah lay
6. BBC by blaqbonez
7. Do like that by korede bello
8. Pami by Dj tunez feat Wizkid, adekunle gold and omah lay
9. No longer beneficial by Simi
10. Like I want you by giveon

P.s if there is any song you think needs to be here please let us know.

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