Running from the wishlist

Christmas is approximately a month and few days from today, and I know I want a gift myself and would be pompous of me to assume my friends don’t too.

Sometimes I wish I had no friends, at least no birthday gifts, no Christmas gifts just me chopping my money alone – but what of family members?.

With the holiday fast approaching and the geese getting fat, the necessity to celebrate with our loved ones is also increasing. So in this post we’ll talk about affordable gifts you can get a person.

Note: this article is made with Nigerians in my mind. Broke Nigerians.

1. As the elites would call it, this number is themed “minimalist living”. Get that person a DIY lamp or flower pot made out of old bottles or buckets.

2. A photo collage: Nigerians, by default aren’t usually the most sentimental beings when it comes to anything. This country is just a hard place to be in but a photo collage is relatively easy, especially with someone whom you spend a lot of time with and take pictures together. All you need are a good printer ( if you’re in Abuja I recommend UTC), those pictures, scissors, gum and glue.

3. A card: Well, I think this explains itself, throwing in quirky notes would be cute too.

4. A mug: Graphic designers have really been cashing out with this mug idea that has been trending and an okay customized mug cost as little as 1500 maybe even less. So slap in that inside joke you have with the person and you have an unforgettable gift.

5. A customized shirt, same idea with the mug really

6. Bracelets: I would say wrist watch too but those ones are crazy costly. For broke people like myself.

Credit: Watchhungry

If I come up with any more I promise to share with you but for now, here 6 easy, relatively cheap and thoughtful gifts for anyone in your life you think deserves it.


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