Almat farms; Agritourism at it’s peak

Heard of Agritourism?. Well, It’s a form of tourism in which tourists stay in farms or agricultural villages, either to experience farm life, or as a base for exploring the countryside.

So, on today’s episode of touristy our feet finds purpose. We take a look at a very perfect and fascinating site that ticks the box before us, a site that boasts the finest of what nature has blessed us with; Agriculture, Agritourism and even equestrian.

Almat farms!!! _ Almat farms is located somewhere in the countryside of Kuje in the capital city of Abuja, approximately a one-hour drive from the main city.

Ideally, Almat farms could seem like a farm settlement, which isn’t absolutely wrong to start with. However, one sweet thing about this site is that it offers pleasurable and soothing scenery that seamlessly blows away the mind.
As a tourist, I understand how soulful the sight of greeness and animals cruising in something of their natural sphere is, hence taking a trip to Almat farms won’t give you the usual feeling you get from other touristic sites as It’s more of mountain sighting, flora and fauna, hospitality, as well as agri-pleasure _ if there’s any word like that.

Horse stables, Almat farms

Consequently, it’s expected that after skimming through this piece, some people might see the essence of going on a trip to experience the lushness and beauty that abounds at the Almat farms, thus I felt it’s in order to do a quick load down of what is needed and how to ensure you all have a beforehand information.
Almat farms unlike some touristic sites is opened to visitors everyday, from 9am to 9pm at dusk, it’s accessible to all and the gate fee is usually between N4000 to N5000, but trust me it’s worth it. A perfect countryside experience for a getaway.

While visiting, you might want to pick up a few things along with you. A free clothing that would allow you freelance as much as you want, an easy to wear footwear, a small handy bag where you can keep your things; that way your stuffs are close by.

Almat farms

Once all of these are in place, with some shekels though, then I’m cocksure you’re good to go. It’s a worthwhile experience that everyone should be a part of.

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