Eating away my salary

Days ago on Twitter the trend was to talk about tipping waiters, which I don’t think is compulsory, but along the line someone mentioned how if you can pay 500k for food, why can’t you give the waiter 5k as tips.

Well, for one the waiter is being paid _ especially for a restaurant where someone can pay up to five hundred thousand for a meal, the waiter should be getting paid well.

This topic rusled some feathers because…. 500k for food?!!
The one you will defecate?
Isn’t that a bit much?

Tweeps (lagosians) came out in their numbers about how most of the time they don’t get value for their money.
If after paying 80k for spaghetti I can’t speak Italian, boya I should go and eat Amala.

Well of course as an Abuja babe I could not fathom any of this, I mean if I want to eat good food, just me, it costs at least 2k. Seeing people say they spend 25k for food of two people is a liru frightening.

Credit: @theamalahangout

I remember seeing a receipt where the customer paid about 8k for ten bottles of water. If we are to do that mathematics, that is 8000 divided by 10
Aquafina water o.

Of course there would be affordable places but the scenery you would get would be different and with that same money an amazing scenery here in Abuja.

I’m not saying Abuja is better buttt maybe it is in terms of food.

What’s the most you’ve paid for food?


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