What is your body count?

Uh, none of your business.
My initial intention for this piece was to write some mildly acceptable sex related questions that are somewhat okay to ask.
Then my mind went blank at number one, because it does not ‘concine’ you.

Well, unless your aim is to be a sex offender, then those series of ludicrous “20 questions” would be fine.

Often times, the term “sexual liberation” is confused for being interested in sexual frugality. Predators, yes! predators. Predators jump at the mention of this phrase because to them it sounds like you would be interested in thier sick fantasies which most times involve harrasment and/or rape.

The purpose of this article is not to place sex -The act, on some sort of pedestal but reinstate the fact that, sex i.e engaging in it, talking about it and such is solely decided by the individual in question.
Throwing around questions like “what’s your body count” and ridiculing them when they refuse to provide an answer is bullying and depending on the words and/or action used after can be termed as harrasment.

There is a thin line between these two things that may be easily blurred, the only not-to, is to mind your damn businesses.

My body count does not concern you!

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