Adulting is a sham

Adulting is a sham!

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, today we will be attacking the money eating demons. Yurr, you just stepped into a MFM sermon, prepare your mind and your bibles….

At some point we’ve tried to learn ‘money managing’ from various books or financial gurus, attending those seminars where the poor give the rich money so they learn how to manage money. You could call it the irony of life; I would prefer the phrase ‘wahala be like benz’…well let’s say bicycle since we’re managing our money.

I think I am speaking for everyone when I say we need to sue our banks for not giving us alert when our money is reducing drastically, texts like “Ope, you have spent over 50 percent of your monthly income and it’s just the 10th”. Sometimes yes, there some expenditures that need to be sorted out, basic survival amenities that we need to sort out.

But more often than not we are victims of impulsive spending, I for one know I can impulsively spend on food, I like food and something I’ve learnt in the past months is book keeping, I try to write down my spending, if I see food is trying to appear more than necessary I curb it. It may be hard, very hard but, Ope if you want to get to the 30th without spending the salary of the next month you will have to try.

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Another thing that may swallow money is over bearing family members, they think you are a ‘rich person’ just because you have a monthly income when in retrospect you are barely at average, even on the event that you are over average, with more money comes more responsibilities, with your money one thing we need to learn is to put ourselves first.

Use your money for things you know will duplicate into money later, it may not be an investment but things like professional courses or a new laptop for your business.

We are not saying you shouldn’t buy things you like with your money, In fact it is highly recommended, let me tell you the format I use;

40 percent for saving

30 percent for giving

30 percent for spending

I spend on myself, give to whomever and save for the future.

A win, win, win…literally.

Okay I think that will be all for our sermon, see you next time. GO! And spread the gospel.


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