UKA EJE: Driving Values for Nigerian Farmers

Uka Eje is the co-founder of Thrive Agric. Thrive Agric is an agricultural technology-enabled company that works with small-scale farmers in Nigeria by creating for them access to loans, tech-enabled farming services, increased yield, link to premium market and so much more. The company got elected for the Google Developers Launchpad and was also awarded for the 2018 Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) by the Nigerian Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Association.

Uka Eje is a graduate of Biochemistry from Covenant University and has a lot of training in business, leadership, management, and innovation. He was trained by Google developers Launchpad, Ventures Platform, and YCombinator.

Upon his graduation from Covenant University, he used his first four years of his journey to get value for small-scale farmers by identifying the major problems Nigerian farmers face which are; finance, access to good inputs, insufficient data to improve their yields, access to premium markets among many others. To proffer solutions to all these problems, Eje birthed Thrive Agric in 2017 together with his friend, Ayodeji Arikawe. And right from then till now, Thrive Agric has given solutions to more than 18,000 farmers in Nigeria.

Eje is an alumnus of Alibaba Business School, Y Combinator, University of Leeds’ Future of Food Programme, and Google Launched Accelerator. He has been privileged to stand on big world stages such as World Bank and Harvard Business School with great people where he provided insights on how to win in the African agricultural sector by working with the rural farmers.

Credit: Thrive Agric

Eje is a fast and critical thinker and problem solver with the passion for generating great and workable ideas. So far, he hasn’t stopped or allowed anything to stop him from delivering value in the agricultural sector. His dream is to have given value to more than a million farmers come 2022. He also looks forward to partnerships that can help his business grow, here and beyond.

Knowing his tenacity for success and impact, we believe that Uka Eje will achieve this and much more.


Oladiran Titilope  is a graduate of Mass Communication, University of Ilorin. She is a writer and content developer. Founder of Teebooks Review, an online literary community known for its reviews and impactful seminars.

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