Olumurin Waterfalls: Adventure, Purity and Wonders of the Earth

One of the most beautiful sights that could please the eyes is a steady flow of clean water over the edge of a cliff. The constant cascading is always a beauty to behold, and as such it never goes outmoded.

This brings us to a certain waterfall earthed somewhere in Nigeria;  Olumirin waterfalls, favoured by many as Erin-ijesha waterfalls is located in Erin-Ijesha – Osun State, A seven-level waterfall attraction that has gained recognition for several decades because of it’s purity and naturalness.

The Erin-Ijesha waterfalls could be described as an attraction that is carefully tucked inbetween rocks,  beautiful trees and leaves dropping all around. However, it’s safe to say that these are some of the ‘recipes’ that makes this tourist site a mind blowing one. The scenery is practically heavenly, and it bodes well for the floral aspect of ecotourism.

Credit: Cassiedaves.com

Albiet it could be perceived as a cultural site because of the believe that the water has it’s spiritual importance. Notwithstanding, it still manages to tick some boxes that would titillate tourists because it’s an adventure that allows you a long walk into the beauty and wonders of nature.

Despite the preceding, it is understandable that some persons might have been under the rocks regarding this mind-soothing attraction. That’s absolutely fine! But now you know better, and believe me you don’t want to miss out on the fun that comes with climbing the lofty rocks, The long trek to the seventh layer, The soothing relief with which the water beats drums of ecstacy on every part of your body and the sheer elegance of nature that hits your camera when you take pictures. It’s nothing short of sweet vibes.

Credit: Cassiedaves.com

It however gets even better when you take the walk in company of friends, making it more interesting and that way you get to trek your way farther to the seventh level of the waterfall which is said to be home to a certain Abake village in Ekiti state. Yes! It’s that crazy. So it’s literally a journey from Osun to Ekiti within Erin-Ijesha, Amazing!!!.

Well, you’d agree with me that it is relatively different from other touristic sites you might have visited, hence it’s imperative to make the trip with some necessaries like a spare cloth, a towel to clean up after the wash, shawl or preferably a shower cap for ladies and of course a comfy wear to take the stroll up the rocks.

Words aren’t just enough to describe the fun that embodies the Olumirin waterfalls, Only a visit would suffice.


Oluwakayode Adegunloye is a graduate of English and currently a Master’s Degree student in Tourism Development Studies at the University of Ibadan. He has a huge knack for creative writing, content development, poetry and tourism.


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