Different Types of Skin Care Girlies

The basic ones

This group is for the girls who don’t have money like that but they are willing to sacrifice a few bucks for one or two products. They typically focus on a few essential steps and products, prioritizing simplicity and consistency over elaborate routines

The skin care gurus

These girlies take a more evolved approach to skincare, they actually know the products they buy, what it does and how to use it with their other skin care products, They have a step by step routine and they don’t play about their skin. They are more knowledgeable about skincare ingredients and trends and are willing to invest more time and money into their skincare regimen, they often share their knowledge through, YouTube channels or social media and Provide detailed reviews, tutorials, and advice

They are willing to use 70% of their salary to clear their cart and go hungry for the whole month.

The odogwress skin care girlies

These ones are not on our level, when you look at them all you hear is “luxury or nothing” in Bobrisky’s voice.they prioritize the highest quality, most exclusive, and most expensive skincare products and treatments available, if there is one more expensive than the other give them that one irregardless of the fact that it may perform the same function as a less expensive one. Some even have monthly check ups with their doctors for their skin health. For them skin care is a form of self care and pampering, as it should be. They usually come from old money and exude prestige and poise that you can only perceive from their “what if i record everyday of my life for the rest of my life” vlogs (cries in useless father)  they use products that we can’t even pronounce the name.

“it is well oh, God will see us through in this nigeria” skin care girlies


These girls are fighting for their lives daily and sometimes forgot to cream their body not to talk of doing  a 7 step routine every single day, God will change their story soon

One shocking thing about some of these girls is that their skin looks nothing like their problems 

Ose dudu and shea butter is their to go and melanin has never popped brighter

Which one of these girlies are you? Or is the blood of jesus sufficient for you like it is for me

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