What Your Favorite Swallow Says About You

Which swallow do you go for first when you go to a local food joint?

What is that one particular swallow and soup combo you can’t go a week without? find out what your favorite swallow says about your personality

Eba and okro

If your favorite swallow is Eba you don’t like stress and you always go for the easiest option even though it is not the most enjoyable.


Amala and ewedu

If your favorite swallow is amala and ewedu you  appreciate the beauty of culture and you were raised in a happy home.


Eba and scrambled egg

I know you fly in the night but why do you have to make it obvious with your food choices??


Pounded yam and egusi 

You’re a soft baby, you deserve all the good things in life, you know and understand the true meaning of enjoyment, I know you were most probably royalty in your past life.



If your favorite swallow is wheat you are unproblematic and you mind your business you don’t put sand sand in anybody’s garri and you don’t want anyone to put sand sand in your garri



If your favorite swallow is semo then you have strong head and you don’t care what people have to say about you, with the amount of times they have bashed your fave online you’re still a huge fan, goals fr.

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