Opinion Article: Jenna Ortega’s ‘Millers girl’

Jenna Ortega, America’s Almost Angel, recently starred in a thriller/comedy called Miller’s Girl. Among the many things that the general public may eventually have wrong with the movie, seeing as it was just released barely two weeks ago. The staggering issue seems to be the age difference between the two leading characters. 

Martin Freeman who is 52 and Jenna Ortega who is 21, begs the question of why. In previous news and movies we have seen people who are not high schooler age play roles of high schoolers and when questioned the rhetoric is usually that these scenes are much too mature to feature young ‘kids’. 

It appears it is not the same in this case as the entire plot of the movie focuses on the brewing sexual tension between Miller (Martin Freeman) and Cairo (Jenna Ortega).

While I still have my reservations about the dynamics of the casting and shooting it remains important that we shed more light on the damages caused by teacher-student relationships. 

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