Movie Review: A Weekend To Forget

A Weekend to Forget is a murder-mystery movie, and Nollywood doesn’t do much of this kind of movie. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to the other storylines we are used to.

In terms of performance, the cast gave it their best shot, even though some of them still fell a bit short. I love the video techniques, the costumes, and the underwater scenes; they were great.

However, it fell short in some ways. I saw the plot twist coming before they even revealed it. The movie lacks the suspense that should keep you hooked, leaving you indifferent rather than on the edge of your seat.

One major disappointment is the lazy storytelling—just narrating how the culprits got caught instead of showing it on screen. It’s a missed opportunity to engage the audience and add some excitement.

While it’s not a total disaster, don’t expect anything extraordinary. You can watch it if you’re in the mood for a simple thriller.

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