MOVIE REVIEW: Breath Of Life

Let’s review Prime Video’s new release, Breath of Life

I got a lot of recommendations to watch this movie, and it was worth the watch.

I’ll try not to give too many spoilers as much as possible.

Breath of Life follows the story of Timi, a wealthy pastor who decided to come back to Nigeria after marrying his heartthrob Bridget and having a beautiful daughter. Unfortunately, through a twist of events, he lost both of them, and his life practically ended. He tried, to no avail, to kill himself and eventually decided to live like a hermit until he met a young orphaned pastor who would eventually change the trajectory of his life.

The actors really did justice to their roles. Wale Ojo, who played the role of Timi, really embodied his character and deserves some accolades. The cast for young Timi was also great, as we can see from the semblance. Elijah, played by Chimezie Imo was my favourite cast, he was fantastic in his role

The storyline unfolded seamlessly, and I loved how the producers paid attention to the little details.

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