BOOK REVIEW: Nearly All Men In Lagos Are Mad

I’m sure almost everyone has heard one story or another about Lagos men and their “craze.”

“Nearly All Men In Lagos Are Mad” by Damilola Kuku is a collection of 12 short stories that detail the experiences of Lagos women at the hands of the men they were “unfortunate” to be entangled with.

Damilola, in this book, explores the various levels of craze among Lagos men. From the author’s perspective, it seems this craze is everywhere, from the seemingly nice and put-together man to the laziest man and even the seemingly holiest of them all.

I’ll summarise the stories in one sentence: “Wahala for who jam lagos men”

The writing style and narrative technique are quite different, but they are a good kind of different.

The book could have done without some of its explicit content, but overall, it was a good read.

There’s a counterbook: Who Drove Nearly All Lagos Men Mad?  by Ugochukwu Ugonna. I’ll definitely get it, and we’ll see what Ugonna has to say in the defense of Lagos men.

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