Book Review: “The Girl With The Louding Voice” – Abi Daré

All Adunni ever wanted was to become a woman with a “louding” voice, which is a dream shared by so many of us, but the journey to get that “louding voice” was a tumultuous one.

“The Girl with the Louding Voice” is an award-winning debut novel of Nigerian Author, Abi Daré published in 2020.

The story is set in Nigeria and it’s about the life of a young girl named Adunni, who dreams of getting an education, becoming a teacher so as to  have a “louding voice” in the society. However, due to economic constraints, Adunni is sold into marriage by her father to help ease the family’s financial burden and ends up working as a domestic servant for a wealthy family in Lagos.

The story is told in Adunni’s voice, and it is through her eyes that we witness the harsh realities of life as a girl in rural Nigeria especially one who wants to challenge the status quo.

The novel is a powerful portrayal of the challenges faced by women and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds in Nigeria.

Through Adunni’s story, Daré explores issues such as child marriage, gender inequality, and highlights the importance of education and empowerment for women.

Abi Dare did a good job on this.
A very interesting read,
Written in our own beautiful Nigerian English,
The Girl with The Louding Voice.

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