What Is The Brokest You have been?

Recently, Korty had an interview with our beloved Temi Otedola. 

Fun stuff, You know it was all love and light till Korty asked Temi OTEDOLA what the brokest she had been was. 

Our lovely babe said 1200 dollars and I chuckled in poverty. Let us assume, this was during a time when Nigeria was not in shambles, when a dollar was 500 naira, that is 600k. 

God, are you seeing what you are doing for others?

Am I a spoon? 

The interview did not end there o, Temi called her fiance to ask a simple yet profound question, “Where are you?” Cue suspenseful music. The answer? Not a neighbouring town, not a different state, but an entirely different country. Now that’s a relationship that transcends borders – literally.

Let’s collectively utter a prayer: “Lord, may we never be poor.” Because, let’s face it, in a world where financial struggles are as common as traffic jams, we could all use a bit of divine intervention.

READ: Citation: Movie review https://www.instagram.com/gleetz_magazine/

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