Christmas Starter Pack For 2023

Christmas is what? Two months away. Given the current state of the economy, it is essential to understand not to go past yourself because if you do lmao, you may not see the next one. 

But what do we need to prepare for Christmas for starters; 

  • Wash the clothes you wore two years ago, If you are not Beyoncé, look yourself in the mirror and ask, ‘Do I need a new dress?’ 
  • If your answer is yes then please buy a new one, you only live once. What if the world ends on the 25th and all these saving tactics are in vain
  • Fill up your fridge, if you are broke you can fill it up with dreams and aspirations, it’s not your fault your mother forced you to study law and not become a musician. You could have been WizKid. So keep your certificate in your fridge and go visit your parents. 
  • Finally, do not forget the season for a reason, Abi the seasoning. Sha Merry Christmas in advance 

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