Exploring Yummy Foods on the Streets of Naija


Nigeria has a diverse range of street foods that come in different tastes, flavours, and sizes. These foods are affordable and easily accessible. Here are some popular Nigerian street foods:

  1. Ewa Agoyin


    Ewa-agoyin is made from mashed beans and served with a special spicy pepper sauce. It is a popular street food in Nigeria, especially in Lagos. Ewa-agoyin is incomplete without the agege bread. You can also add plantain and protein for a full meal.

  2. Akara

    Akara and bread

    Akara is a deep-fried bean cake made from beans. It is a popular breakfast food in Nigeria and is often served with bread or pap or custard.

  3. Puff-Puff

    Puff-puff is a sweet fried dough ball made from flour, sugar, yeast, and water, and pepper to spice. It is a popular snack often sold on the streets of Nigeria.

  4. Boli

    Boli is roasted plantain. It is usually eaten with groundnut, or a spicy pepper sauce. It is a popular street food in Nigeria and is often sold by street vendors.

  5. Suya

    Suya is a grilled meat usually made from beef . The meat is marinated in a blend of spices and then grilled over an open flame. Suya is often served with suya spice, sliced onions and cabbages and wrap in newspapers for takeaway.

  6. Roasted Corn
    Roasted corn

    Roasted corn is grilled or roasted corn often eaten alone, with coconut or bush pear.

  7. Beske

    Beske is a snack made from cheese or soy curds.

Which of these street food is your favourite?

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