Book Review: Spare by Prince Harry

When we hear the word ‘prince,’ many of us may imagine a man living a life of privilege, luxury, and ease. However, Prince Harry’s recent memoir, ‘Spare,’ tells a different story.

In his book, he shares his struggles with the trauma he experienced from losing his mother, his uncertainty about his life’s journey and choices, his family, his relationships, his military service, his mental breakdowns, his chaotic relationship with the press, and his ultimate decision to step back from his royal duties and leave Britain.

Sad to say, but he ultimately left Britain “broke” (not your fancy image of a prince right?).

Prince Harry

“Spare” is personal, revealing, candid, insightful,  and highly controversial as Prince Harry had a lot to say about his life and his feud with the “sacred” royal family, particularly his father and brother, as well as his wife’s feud with his brother’s wife and did not hold back.

This is likely why the British media went into a frenzy criticizing the prince for revealing too much in this book.

Personally, I think some words should have been left unsaid because as the adage says Words are like eggs, they are fragile and delicate, once spoken, they can’t be gathered back again. With some of the things the prince revealed, it might be hard to mend some fences and I assume one of the underlying reasons for this book is, mending broken fences. But then, it is his book, his words, his choice.

It’s however important to remember that the memoir is just one piece of the puzzle. Every other person involved in this feud may have their own truths and perspectives about every situation portrayed, but they may not have the privilege, platform or willingness to share them.

Ultimately, the memoir is what it is,

Prince Harry’s truth.

His own side of the story.

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