NIGERIA DECIDES: Does My Vote Really Count?

Tomorrow, millions of Nigerians head to the polling units to choose the man that would run the helm of affairs of the nation for the next four years and the majority seem to know how crucial this election is for the betterment of Nigeria.

However, there are still some fencists who have made up their not to vote, not because they don’t have voter’s card but because they feel their vote doesn’t count or that their vote doesn’t change anything. Let’s just clear the air now, your vote count! It counts a whole lot!

As a Nigerian citizen, it is natural to question whether your vote will really count in tomorrow’s election. However, it is important to remember that every vote counts and that your vote can make a difference in determining the outcome of the election.

In recent years, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has taken steps to improve the transparency and credibility of the electoral process in Nigeria. For example, the use of electronic voter registration and biometric authentication has helped to reduce the risk of electoral fraud and ensure that only eligible voters can cast their ballots.

In addition, INEC has also worked to ensure that polling stations are accessible and that voting is conducted in a peaceful and orderly manner. This includes training election officials, providing security at polling stations, and ensuring that ballot papers are properly handled and counted.

So join the millions of  people tomorrow to cast your vote, vote the candidate you deem fit for the job, it most definitely will count.

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