In Focus: Nigeria and her Recurring Electricity Issues

For decades, another phrase used to describe Nigeria is “Epileptic Power Supply.” Sixty-two years since Independence and the giant of Africa is yet to surmount the mountain of providing a 24/7 electricity supply to its citizens.

The average Nigerian is used to having electricity for only a few hours in a day or week, depending on the mood of the Discos (Distribution Companies). However, in the past year, the electricity issue has worsened, with the national grid collapsing multiple times. And this collapse means that there is a blackout across the nation till the grid is resuscitated.

One would think that when PHCN died and gave birth to 11 offspring – such as BEDC, IKEDC, EKEDC, IBDC, etc. – the quality of the electricity supply would increase. Alas, the reverse is the case. Instead, the government, through the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), increased the power tariff that consumers are supposed to pay to the DISCOs.

The decision taken last year meant that Nigerians are paying for more electricity yet receiving less. In this love story, the DISCOs keep doing the bare minimum and don’t match the energy of their lover – the average Nigerian.





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