Relationship: Are we entering a pandemic?

This is a public service announcement, we are officially entering a relationship pandemic and if you are already in a relationship, hold the love of your life well, before they help you to do his and hers with the person.

If you are like me, you are probably wondering, why this is happening, mostly because you are single to stupor and know that even if partners were raining from the sky you still wouldn’t get one.

No souls were harmed in the curating of this article but, let us look at the facts, the year just started, last year, we swore to cut off people when the year started, and look just how horribly the year went, maybe that is why people have subconsciously taken a different approach.

Text that ex, shame is for the devil.
Shege is in the eye of the beholder

Also, Valentine is coming, let us not talk too much. Just yunno brace your homes

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