Movies: Let’s watch ‘Wednesday’ this Monday

“Wednesday,” Netflix’s Addams Family series, successfully combines two genres in a way that makes more sense than most—the teen coming-of-age story and the murder-mystery plot. These reboots usually stink (see: Tales of the City), but Netflix’s new Addams Family spin-off, Wednesday, works like a charm.

This promising dark series, both visually appealing and perfectly cast, breathes new life into a classic character. Ortega is a perfect Wednesday and a worthy successor to Christina Ricci, who played the character in two popular 1990s films (and here appears as Wednesday’s dorm house mother, who may have hidden depths). Ortega’s darkly ironic humor and barely concealed emotional pain add depth to her portrayal, and it’s clear that her relationship with her mother, Morticia, is relatably complicated, with the two sparrings supporting each other at times.

Wednesday Addams is a character for darkness is not a burden but a regular part of her high school years. And Netflix’s “Wednesday” makes the most of its heroine’s distinct personality.




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