Wednesday Gist: Why you are not ending the month in wealth

‘How to end the month in wealth’ Like I am a preacher about to give you five prayer points that will secure financial freedom. Everyone’s favorite time of the month is approaching; at the same time, we are also entering the worst time of the month for many people.

If you find yourself running out of money, spending too much on payday, and then worrying about how you will pay your bills later in the month, you have a budgeting and cash flow problem. You may need to revise your spending plan; here are a few reasons why;

1. You do not eat rice at home:

Spending N3000 — or more — per day on food at your favorite corner shop may not seem like much, but it adds up over time. That works out to about N90000 per month or N1095000 per year. You should make your food at home.

2. You do not save:

A portion of your paycheck should be set aside for savings, but if it all goes to your checking account, you’re probably spending it all. Set up an automatic deposit of a portion of your paycheck into your savings account to force you to spend less.








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