Health Corner: Workout alternatives you should consider

It’s yet another month, this time the youngest of the ember siblings welcomes us with warm embrace, and what better time to start your monthly workout routine than now. Like today!

So, today on Gleetz Health corner, I’m poised to ensure that we aren’t leaving any lacuna whatsoever in our fitness journey this month. I know that you might not have all the luxury of time in the world to engage in exercise every day, but here are a few things you could do daily to keep you fit even without visiting the gym;

1. Take the long stairs instead of using the elevator: Right? Right?? LOL! So, you can easily use the long stairs instead of choosing the ease that comes with the elevator.

2. Pace around while on call: Sometimes, while in your comfort zone, move around the compound while on calls as against sitting comfy in the room.

3. Park a few distance away from the destination: Well, yeah, this should do the trick too. Instead of closing in on the mall, office or bar, you could simply just park some meters away and cover the rest of the distance with your legs.

4. Push the wall away: This is pretty much easy considering the fact that you can actually engage in this exercise anywhere. All you need do is find a wall, lean against it with your palms with your butts pulled behind, push the wall as much as you can, pull away from it, repeat step one and count your reps.


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