Tips: Here’s how to prepare for Sunday

The weekend always seems to want to run to a close, and topping it off is the day dreaded by many and loved by few; I like the minority others are in th grey area whose taste of the day depends on a lot of factors like what did I have to eat that day?

Preparing for that day is a delicate skill, and because we love and care for you, the day propels you into Monday, and how you spend it commands the new week, we have curated a list of things that will make your Sunday a shoo-in.

– If you are going to church, have your clothes ready by Thursday

– If you are not going to church, find God

– Make sure you get a good night’s sleep on Saturday; if you spend Sundays recovering for the weekend, you will feel rushed into the week, fucking up your new week.

– Write out your ordeal for the week, so your mind will be in an excited mode.

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