Lifestyle: Handbook on how to find your aesthetics

Aesthetic, Y2k, Pinterest, and polaroid shots are the four pillars that carry the church of the generation after millennials and before the alpha generation.

we, have a tagline that we share, a mutual mantra that follows us in all our bidding, I would tell you but where is the fun in that, if you were a Gen Z. You would know.

Aesthetic is a term used to describe beauty; a dictionary definition will say something pleasing to the eyes, as though aesthetics unlocked another form of refinement, a form that truly embodies the phrase ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Aesthetic now is used to describe one’s look, a person’s niche. For this reason, it has been adopted into our vocabulary. An example would be, ‘I like their aesthetic.’

There is no generic three-step list to follow that will unveil the aesthetic. If you believe there was one, then I must admit you do not honestly know the gen z mantra. Smh

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