Different types of people to avoid on fridays

Not just Fridays, every day of the week, and every week of the year, these kinds of people are the ones that always know one place you people should go to that involves spending money that was just in your budget in the first instance and the ones that never have anywhere to go.

We broke it down for you so you can always remember to run with your two legs behind your back.

1. The vigil goers: While we all want to connect with the lord cannot deny that some friday night should be used for connecting with yourself.

2. The bullion vans: These ones have stolen money which is why every friday is party friday, Alakoba!.

3. Early to rise early to bed: Sleeping is my hobby, no prayer no outing just sleeping like it is a competition.

4. Your Ex: Why are you with your ex? Eez like you need prayers. Better call that your over zealous vigil goer to do diliverance for you.


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