Player in Focus: Nunez scores four to keep wagging tongues quiet.

Liverpool were able to prise Darwin Nunez away from Benfica after what was an electric display against the reds themselves in the Champions league last season, and although recent displays and performances have left tongues wagging and several side talks here and there as to whether the Uruguayan is really the ideal fit for the Merseysiders. However, after bagging a haul in their friendly match-up against Leipzig, it might be time for his chastisers to have a rethink, or perhaps not.

Football is a game of form, prowess and chances, so it’s either you are good at it, or your form is just so on point, or at other times, you are just lucky.

But for Nunez, his quality has never been in doubt prior to this time, even though some quarters have tagged him to go on to be a single-season wonder. But for someone who has been in the football fraternity for several years, I’ve seen enough to know that some players could have a break out season, and go on to live up to the billing.

Well, it’s still early days, and it’s only a friendly game against a rather lowly side_ for lack of better words, so we might not have all the reasons in the world to canonize Nunez, but then again, those playing down his abilities might as well cut him some slack, at least until the season is in full gear.

There will be Premier league matches, The FA Cup, Champions League and several other fixtures for us to be spoilt for choices and time to reprove him if he doesn’t hit the ground running, but for now, He’s just hit Leipzig for four in what was a copacetic display, and I’m sure that would settle some dusts. Well, it should.

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