4 Things Nigerian parents hate

If you are tired of having a roof over your head and are looking for things that can lead to your early demise at the hand of the people that brought you into the world, then this article is definitely for you.

1. Using a Earpiece: Nothing annoys the average Nigerian parent more than having those blasted speakers in your eardrums; what are those people in your ear telling you that is so important?

2. Doing nothing: Don’t let your parents catch you just sitting there thinking about all the different C’s in the pacific. Even if you are hanging in the air, do something.

3. Using any device at all: Why are you watching TV? Or pressing your phone and what in god’s name are you doing on a laptop.

4. Not eating: Your stomach is their stomach, so you not eating is automatically going to kill them; please eat if you do not want to hear what your eyes cannot talk.


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