Healthy cabonated drinks or soda alternatives

Well, it is understood that today, almost every person out there knows what carbonated drinks are, or at least what sodas are. So, for this health discourse on Gleetz Health corner, we will be shedding a bit of light on some of the alternative drinkables that can suffice in place of the regular carbonated drinks scattered around.

First of, a carbonated drink is a drink or liquid that contains a carbon dioxide gas which is under pressure. That said, you’d agree with me that most of these sodas out there are all typical examples of carbonated drinks.

However, below are some of the alternative drinks you can take in place of these sodas;

1. Homemade juice: Yes, this is super spot on. I’m sure you know that you can actually brew your juice yourself, if that’s the ideal word though. Well, what I’m trying to say is that you can get your favourites fruits and squeeze out your juice using your juicer, while also controlling the amount of sweetner you’d like to add.

2. Water: Well, why not?. Water is by far the finest liquid you’d ever consume. Considering that it edifies your body, maintains the balance of body fluids, aids digestion, normalizes the blood pressure, and many other endless functions, water is definitely the way to go instead of carbobated drinks.

3. Infused water: So, for those who do not like the tastelesness of plain water and might want to switch things up atimes, here’s what to do. You can simply infuse your water with natural sweetners such as fruits, leafs, herbages and the likes, to add flavour and nutrients to your water.

So guys, what do you think?

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