Top 3 cities that are hotspots for crypto payments

It is hard for the average mind to imagine a world where we no longer need our typical trading currencies. We rely on seemingly pseudo money, and it is inevitable to raise eyebrows. Human beings are more analogous than we would like to admit.

With a gigo mentality, studiously sticking, and only genuinely understanding traditional methods of doing things. Crypto payment is not a form of transaction that will be quickly adopted in many parts of the world, but a few cities have long accepted this trading power.

Here they are;

1. VANCOUVER: This is one of Canada’s most ethnically diverse cities, with over 600,000 people. In 2013, There are over 221 locations in Vancouver where bitcoins can be bought and over fifty merchants who accept bitcoins in its surrounding suburbs. Even in Vancouver itself.

2. PRAGUE, THE CZECH REPUBLIC: Prague is known for its old town square and is the heart of its historic core; it has earned its spot at number two on this list because of the numerous Bitcoin vendors available there.

3. SAN FRANCISCO, US: The capital of the United States of America, not in that manner, dont freakout. We are up to date with our geography; it is the technology capital and has a population of 880,000.







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