Tourism & Hospitality: Hotspots in Côte D’ivoire

On today’s edition of Tourism O’clock on Gleetz magazine, we’ve decided to take you on a stroll of what Ivory coast is all about touristically.

For starters, the Ivory coast is also known as the Cote d’ivoire, and it’s easily one of the safest and most stable countries in Africa when it comes to it’s economy. So, what’s there not to like about this beautiful country highly revered for its religious and ethnic harmony?.

Coming to terms with how sublime the Ivory coast is in the aspect of tourism, one would want to imagine what the destination can offer, considering that it’s practically not one of the most sought after countries by tourists. But, the irony of it all is that this country still houses the largest Basilica in the whole world. Yeah, your eyes didn’t ‘stutter’. The Basilica of Our Lady of peace situated in the capital city of Yamoussoukro isn’t just loved for it’s massiveness, but also for the endearing beauty it exudes.

Well, enough of the long talks. Below are some of the interesting things you can do, and places to visit when you get to the Ivory Coast.

1. Explore the Assinie-Mafia:

The Assinie-Mafia is simply known as the resort town by the locals. It is a very intriguing and soulful sight that suffices for a romatic date for you and your partner. With a very clear beach and a seaside Assinie village, the tourist attraction is definitely a head spinner.

2. The Basilica in Yamousoukro:

Known as the Basilique de Notre Dame de la Paix de Yamoussoukro. In plain English, the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in Yamoussoukro_ and it’s not just one of the most beautiful churches in the continent, but the largest basilicas in the entire world. Sometimes ago, the edifice got into the Guiness Book of records where it was recognized as the biggest cathedral in the world, recording that it sits on over 30,000 sq m of land, and could occupy as much as 18,500 congregants at the same time.

Well, this might not be your ideal attraction, but then again, that’s why we have religious tourism. And if you are a well grounded tourism professional or enthusiast, this site would definitely be in your bucket list.

3. Musee National des Costumes:

Personally, this is one of my favourite spots in Ivory coast. This bewitching site is where the history, crafts, clothes and ancient artifacts of the people of Ivory coast resides. Call it an archeological site, Historical site, or anything at all, and you’re definitely spot on. This attraction is quite a good attempt at giving tourists exactly what they desire.

4. Take a trip of Abidjan:

I’m confident that most people think Abidjan is the capital city of Ivory Coast. But I’m glad to shock you that it’s not. Like I said earlier, that title belongs to Yamousooukro, and that’s how it is. However, Yamoussoukro might be the capital city, but Abidjan is quite the fun place in the country Perhaps it’s why they call it the “little Paris” of Africa. So, you see. If you visit Ivory Coast without exploring Abidjan, you’ve simply failed that course. LOL!.

5. L’ile Flottante:

The L’ile Flottante is a tourism and ecological site that ticks almost all the boxes of tourism as a whole. This exotically charming floating island is an exceptional relaxation attraction where lovers and singles across the world visit for the pleasure that abounds therein.

So guys, what do you think?. “Point chaud dans Côte d’ivoire” (excuse my french). But If you ask me from where I’m sitting, I’d say if I could choose a continent to tour thoroughly, I’d most likely choose Africa. I mean, the warmth, beauty, colour and reception is heavenly.

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