ÀZANA; Your perfect travel companion.

Embarking on a trip could be so much an arduous task sometimes, and I don’t even mean the whole planning process, but packing and ensuring that you have as tad bags packed as possible could be quite a difficult thing to graple with. And yeah, there’s the planning process too_the one I mentioned earlier. But that’s not the story for today.

The standard carry-on luggage size for most airlines have made packing heavy a choice we can’t pick, especially when you’re taking a domestic trip. Well, except you’re willing to part with some extra cash. Otherwise, the good news you should be drinking in as you read this is that with Àzana Collections, a brand that sells some of the best quart-sized bags, you can get to pack your liquids, clothes, shoes, gels, creams and a few other necessaries without hassle.

Àzana backbag 

Asides the fact that they come in very fine designs_they are also pretty much convenient and stylish, and that’s me not trying to rub it in so much. In all truism, the beauty that Àzana Collections exudes is infectious and it jumps at you at first sight.

Although, Àzana bags and purses comes in various sizes, you can easily make a pick(s) that would suffice and suit purpose. All you need do is head over to www.azanaollective.com to shop your choice.


Àzana bags are purely African made, with materials fetched from different parts of Kenya. Very carriable and embodying quality, durability, Style, aesthetics and finesse.

Who Needs One?

Well, this should be straight to the script. But then again, if I’m to be cando like Thando, then it’s fine to say that Àzana bags and products suits almost everyone. Especially if you’re over the rocks, stylish and fashionable.

However, on the flip side, the general idea behind the brand is the making of luxury travel products that are well doctored and tailored for travellers and tourists alike, while also striving to create a nexus between style and sustainability.


Not quite pricey, money-wise, yet pricey as it should be I’d say. Well, at least for something of such quality, most of Àzana products are relatively pocket friendly.


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