Elon Musk officially buys Twitter

Elon Musk has officially bought Twitter. While he is seen as a business tycoon and forward thinker, one cannot help but question his true intentions in purchasing this social media platform.
His main notion has been to reduce censorship promoting freedom of speech with a side package of improving it’s features.

But the question of what exactly Is it that you want to say on twitter that you are not already allowed to say.
And are those things that should be said?
Are you really an advocate of free speech or just a shitty person that wants to be able to say shitty things?

I have asked a few people their opinions on this purchase and this is what they had to say.

A. I think elon musk is the antichrist.

Well now that you mention it. It does check out.

J. This is virtually the end of the world, no one really knows what his intention are and seeing as the events that led up to his purchase are not exactly note worthy it makes you question the kind of gory place it will make out to be, especially for Nigerians where that is our only means of attaining any type of justice in this country

We feel you J

E. I think it’s good, it will definitely affect the crypto market in a good way. I think Elon is futuristic with the way he thinks and he will definitely work on the glitches twitter has, like those bots.


F. I don’t really care I don’t use twitter, I just know the guy that sold it mde a shit ton of money.

Wod Wod

What do you think?

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